Stand up to actions that will not stand!

Sorry for the obviously rough nature of this super quick WordPress install. In this instance content is more important than presentation. Please join me in a mission to Stand Up to the Status Quo. First Action proposed is a committee to exercise our rights by performing a citizens’ arrest on Police Chief Howard Jordan, for authorizing the use of brutal force against persons expressing their freedom of speech. I am doing some legal research to determine what the citizens’ warrant should say in order to use the law to our advantage for once. INPUT IS REQUIRED PLEASE JOIN if you support using the law in the way it was meant to be used, as a tool to protect and empower the PEOPLE.

Let the authorities know that they cannot act with impunity any longer, they are here to protect and serve the people, they are paid with our tax dollars, so let’s make it clear who they work for.

2 thoughts on “Stand up to actions that will not stand!

  1. Jessica says:

    Scott Olsen did not deserve what happened to him. I saw the videos and the police were using flash grenades although they claimed they weren’t. They threw one directly at a circle of people gathering around Scott screaming and trying to pick him up, dispersing they crowd.
    This brutality must not be allowed to happen.

  2. Griffith Harty says:

    According to California Penal Code Section 834, “An arrest is taking a person into custody in a manner

    authorized by law.” Penal Code Section 834 also goes on to state that, “An arrest may be made

    by a peace officer or by a private person.”

    Penal Code Section 837 specifies the conditions under which you, as a private person, may make

    an arrest. “A private person may arrest another.

    1. For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence.

    2. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in his presence.

    3. When a felony has been, in fact, committed and he has reasonable cause for believing

    the person arrested to have committed it.”

    In making your decision to arrest someone, you must first determine whether the offense is a

    felony or a misdemeanor.


    If you observed a person picking up a rock and throwing it through a plate glass window,

    that person could be arrested. Breaking a window is a misdemeanor offense and you

    know that he committed the offense because you saw him do it.

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